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A one stop solution for all your communicational and management needs.

1-1 video, audio call and screen sharing

You can now have one-on-one video and audio calls with ChatViser. Hear better and see better than ever before as you connect using one of the most advanced solutions available. Share your screen without any lags or delays.


Live Supervision

Supervise all communication between participants to ensure transparency. The supervision feature lets you monitor live chats and video/audio calls so that you always know what is going on


Recorded Sessions

  • Afraid you missed something?
  • Need something to be repeated?
  • Revisit recorded sessions any time you want!

Distributed power/authority , Organization Hierarchy, Organizational chart

Define who controls what. Give appropriate access to users as per your will.Configure what actions a user can perform, who they supervise, and who they connect with.


Common chat features

Chatting was never so easy! With our reponsive UI, send messages, share documents through drag and drop and view your entire chat history.


An app for every platform

Did we mention, that chatviser is cross platform? Separate apps for your Desktop and Mobile devices. Don't want to install the app? You can access it on the web too.

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Frequently Asked Question

Faqs and “Any other questions”

How does ChatViser ensure that I can retain my clients?

We ensure your clients get a better user experience and a better quaity due to services supervised by you hence increasing client satisfaction.

For how long is a backlog maintained for recorded chats and videos?

We have different packages providing different storage timings for the saved sessions ranging from a week to 3 months. Want us to retain records even longer? Contact us and we'll figure something out.

I have a small organization. Will I be charged accordingly?

Yes, don't worry we are going to charge you only for resources you actually use. We charge per student, so don't worry about expenses. Rest assured, your organization will grow exponentially after moving to Chatviser.

How do you ensure the privacy of my recorded videos/audios/chats?

We have role based access system where only you can access your data and other users authorized by you. No other organization or user can access your data.

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